Sporting Rifle League


Location: Range one, Chillicothe Sportsmenís Club



Schedule: The course is fired each Monday from the first Monday in May through September. Start time is 5:00pm.



Squadding: Shooters will be entered to range capacity for one relay. If the number of shooters exceeds capacity a second relay will be added.



Course of fire: 22 rim fire off hand 32 shots fired on the SR1 target at 50 meters or 22 rim fire bench rest 20 shots fired on USBR target at 50 meters.

Both will be fired in a time limit of 30 minuets and will run concurrent.



Equipment: Sporting rifles with iron sights or scopes, match type rifles or any safe 22 rim fire rifle.



The league is a fun and informal program, ideal for those who wish to improve their marksmanship skills. A participation award will be given each shooter who has fired 10 or more matches showing his or her high 10 scores.



Fees: $4.00 for club members and $5.00 for non members.



Eye and ear protection is required.

Direct any questions to Ross Baer at (309) 274-3273