Chillicothe Sportsmen’s

Club News July 2008





WANTED - TRAP MACHINE MECHANIC:  Any individual who is mechanically inclined and interested in performing the necessary periodic maintenance and minor adjustments/repairs should contact Jerry Oglesby @ (309) 274-5413 or Kevin Wunder @ (309) 246-5505 for the pertinent details.

E-MAIL ADDRESS CHANGES:  Some of us have changed or will be changing our e-mail address.  Please notify Tim Vik, our Club Webmaster,  if yours has changed.  This will be especially important to the INSIGHTBB.COM customers who will have to change over to COMCAST.NET about the end of June.

Other e-mail address recipients, if you are no longer receiving your monthly newsletter via e-mail and have previously provided your e-mail address, please e-mail it again to Tim so that we can get everyone updated.

If you wish to start receiving your monthly newsletter via e-mail, and have not previously provided your e-mail address, please do so by e-mailing it to advising him of your desire.

Newsletters:  Postage has gone up again.  If you are receiving the monthly newsletter both via “e-mail” and regular “snail-mail”, PLEASE CONSIDER stopping the “snail-mail” version.  The monies saved during the year would be substantial and there-by available for other projects.  Just notify our Club Webmaster, at and he will then notify the appropriate Club individuals.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE:  There are still a substantial number of ANTI-GUN bills pending in the Illinois General Assembly.  Please contact your respective representative, either in Springfield or thru his/her local office and POLITELY request that he/she vote against any and all pending ANTI-GUN legislation.  Additionally, politely request that he/she vote FOR the CONCEALED-CARRY LAW that is also pending.  The phone numbers are in your phone book.  They are also available thru the CSC, and websites.  Follow the prompts.




NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION (NMO):  An (**) in your middle initial area means you need to attend to obtain your 2008 card & gate key.  Check the enclosed calendar for dates & times.  ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED OR NO INSTRUCTOR WILL BE AT THE CLUB FOR THE CLASS.  To make your class attendance reservation or to ask any questions - Contact Charles Varnold at (309) 697-6766 or via e-mail at




Mauser Match rules are casual center-fire off-hand rifle matches at 50 meters for rifles with open sights and pre-1964 military bolt action repeaters.  The June match is on the 28th.

June 28 Special Challenge Match is “unaltered military surplus ammunition”.

Questions – contact Max Koehl @ (309) 385-1033.




CMP High Power Rifle is hosting a John C. Garand Match on Saturday, July 19, 2008, at the Chillicothe Sportsmen Club, Range 1, at 1:00 PM. Registration starts after the regular CMP High Power Rifle match around 12:00 PM.

Shooters may use any “as-issued” U. S. service rifle including the M1 Garand, M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, M1941 Johnson or .30 Cal. M1 Carbine.  Rifles must have standard stocks and be equipped with military-type web or leather slings.  Re-barreling, with barrels of “as-issued” dimensions is permitted, but “NM” parts or glass bedding is not permitted. Use of rifles chambered for NATO 7.62 (.308 Winchester) will not be permitted.

COMPETITION OPEN TO: All interested shooters, regardless of experience, age or sex.  Shooters who have not previously shot in a competition are encouraged to practice the Garand Match course of fire. An experienced shooter will be available to assist any new shooters.

ENTRY FEES:  Individual entry fees are $15.00.

Targets:  The standard 100-yard SR-1 (short-range) high-power rifle target will be used.

COURSE OF FIRE:  40 rounds total, 10 sighting shots and 30 rounds for record, fired at the 100-yard line.

Stage 1; 10 Sighting shots fired any position, slow fire, time limit 10 minutes.

Stage 2; 10 shots for record, standing position, slow fire, time limit 10 minutes.

Stage 3; 10 shots for record, standing to prone, rapid fire, time limit 70 seconds.

Stage 4; 10 shots for record, prone position, slow fire, time limit 10 minutes.

AMMUNITION:  Ammunition (30-06) will be available for $15 for 40 rounds. Competitors may use their own ammunition.

PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded.

For information contact Steven C. Schneckenburger @ 309/692-7807, Chris Bach @ 309/256-1712, or Paul Vallow @ 309/432-2863.



Are you going to be “TEMPORARILY AWAY(maybe for the winter, an extended vacation or job demands)?  More and more monthly newsletters are being returned to the Club marked as “TEMPORARILY AWAY”!  When you notify the Post Office that you are going to be “TEMPORARILY AWAY” they will ONLY HOLD or FORWARD 1ST CLASS MAIL.  All other mail is returned to the sender.  Your monthly newsletter is mailed to you using Bulk Rate Postage.  Consequently, your newsletter is returned to the Club marked POSTAGE DUE @ $ .42 which the Club has to pay to retrieve it.  These newsletters cannot be forwarded, as we do not know where to send them.

Members that have “MOVED TO A NEW ADDRESS and have not notified the Club of their NEW ADDRESS also have their newsletters returned marked POSTAGE DUE @ $ .42.  The Post Office will not forward these newsletters.  The Club then pays another $ .42 postage to forward it to you and updates your file to reflect your new address.  Please notify the Club when you move!




The newsletter and calendar are available for viewing on-line at  The website also lists all Club ACTIVIITIES, events, and contains periodically updated general information as well as the current CSC Membership Application. Tim Vik is the CLUB WEBMASTER and E-MAIL coordinator.  His NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS is

If you have any questions or concerns about your Club you may contact any Club Officer listed below or any board member.


President            Vice-President             Secretary            Treasurer

Charles Varnold      Jerry Oglesby              Bob Bjerke           Lowell Bennett

(309) 697-6766       (309) 274-5413             (309) 692-1800       (309) 274-5586


Acronyms - What the heck do they mean!!???!!?!?

Wonder what all the acronyms used out on the range and in this newsletter mean? This area of the newsletter is dedicated to helping explain these. If I forget some or misidentify them, please let me know.

SASS          Single Action Shooting Society

USPSA         United States Practical Shooting Association – Club Number #IL-08

DCM           Department of Civilian Marksmanship (old designation)

CMP           Civilian Marksmanship Program (new designation) - Club Number #52084

IPSC          International Practical Shooting Confederation

NMO           New Member Orientation

NRA           National Rifle Association - Club Affiliation Number  #R0570

ISRA        Illinois State Rifle Association – Club Affiliation Number  #00282


Contact Tim Vik via e-mail at if you would like to receive the CSC Newsletter and calendar of events via e-mail at no cost to you.