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Club News Apr. 2011


Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club, Inc.

PO Box 13, Chillicothe, IL. 61523-0013





CSC Gun Show:  Our CSC Spring Gun Show is Sat., April 2, 2011 from 9 am – 4 pm & Sun., April 3, 2011 from 9 am – 3 pm.  Come on out, have some fun, and support your club.   See next entry for set-up & clean-up work hour information.




CSC SPRING GUN SHOW:  Set-up Fri. April 1st  @ 9 am & clean up clean-up Sun. April 3rd  @ 3 pm.  Steve 309-449-6268.  

INDOOR RANGE Clean-UP: -- Sat - Mar 12, 9AM - Indoor Range Only

OUTDOOR:-- Grounds: The next work party is on March 12th at 9:00AM. Please bring chainsaws, tree trimming equipment, post

hole diggers, shovels, rakes.  For info, contact Steve Schneckenburger @ (309) 692-7807.


NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION (NMO): You need to attend NMO to obtain your current year’s membership card & gate key.  Check the enclosed calendars for dates & times.  ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED OR NO INSTRUCTOR WILL BE AT THE CLUB FOR THE CLASS.  For reservation or to ask any questions - Contact Chuck Varnold at (309) 697-6766 or via e-mail at




ALL MEMBERS:  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the Club has your current home address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.  If you leave town, bulk mail is not forwarded.




Annual dues are $75.00(Dues) + $10.00(Land Fund) + $10.00 for each work hour NOT worked.  DO NOT mail your old key—if you want to return it, drop it in the box at the end of the sidewalk to the Clubhouse—remember, you will need this key for access until Jan. 1st.  Mail your 2011 Membership Card (filled out) to: CSC, Box 13, Chillicothe, Il. 61523  



If you have any questions or concerns about your Club you may contact any Club Officer listed below or any board member.

President       V-President     Secretary      Treasurer


Charles Varnold      Jerry Oglesby   Donald Clemens  Lowell Bennett

(309) 697-6766      (309) 274-5413    309)274-6870   (309) 274-5586





 YSSI WEEKEND:  The 11th Annual YSSI Weekend is set for April 15 & 16, 2011.  Help will be needed on Saturday, the 16th, on all ranges (Indoor Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, High-Power Rifle, Muzzleloading Rifle, Cowboy, Buffalo Rifle, USPSA) and in the clubhouse kitchen.  WORK HOUR CREDITS will be given to all volunteers who assist.  Questions call Bob Bjerke @ (309) 692-1800.




Results from the March 12th Mauser Match:

High Raw Score 191-5X Paul Bishop--Russian SKS/1st Place  199-3X Don Filkins--Mosin-Nagant M91-30

2d Place 198-2X Marty Lehman--M48 Yugo Mauser/3d Place 198-1X Ray Ellington--Mosin-Nagant M91-30

SKS Challenge Winner:196-3X Keith Kohler--Chinese SKS/ 2d 196-2X Chris Bach--Russian SKS

3d 193-4X Marty Lehman--Yugo SKS

Next month’s match is April 9th.  The special challenge is Guadalcanal.  You may use any rifle used by the Allied or enemy forces in this battle.  Mauser Matches are informal centerfire rifle matches shot on the NRA SR-1 target from    standing at 50 meters using rifles with open sights or unimproved pre-'64 military bolt-action repeaters.  If you have any questions, contact Max Koehl at 309 385-1033. 



All  Program Directors—There will be a combined Board/Program Directors Meeting at 6 pm on Apr. 12, 2011 in the CSC Clubhouse preceding the regular April Board Meeting.  All Program Directors please plan to attend this meeting.  We will be discussing several items vital to having your programs listed properly and timely in the Newsletter and on the Calendars.



Our new Bullseye Program Director, Jeff Payne, is holding a 1-day pistol class on Sat., April 30, 2011.  At press time this class was close to full.  Jeff’s contact info number is:  (309) 264-2276. 


Notice – Notice – Notice

We are starting a new Military Rifle Match which will follow the CMP Matches from March through September. The first match will be held on Saturday, March 26th at about 4 O’clock or as soon as the CMP match on that date is finished. The match will  take place on Range 1.

The course of fire will be military rifles (or commercial equivalents such as the M1A or AR-15) with iron sights fired from a standing position at SR-1 targets placed at 100 yards. Slings permitted, but no other performance enhancing equipment allowed. No scopes, no shooting jackets, no supports, no spotting scopes, no sighting shots. Just stand and fire. 10 rounds per target – 20 rounds total.  Cost will be $4 per shooter per relay.


For more information, see attached rule sheet or contact Cliff Wilcox at 309 579-2793 or 309 256-0600.


Military Rifle Match Rules


Rifles – This  match is restricted to military rifles (or commercial equivalents) equipped with iron sights and between .223 and 8mm in caliber. No fully automatic actions allowed.

Course of fire – From a standing position, competitors will fire 20 total rounds consisting of 10 rounds each at  two standard SR-1 targets placed at 100 yards. There will be no sighting shots allowed.

Alibis – No alibis or refires because of rifle or ammunition malfunctions are allowed.

Cross-fires – In the case of a cross-fire, the perpetrator will lose the points fired on another’s target. The cross-fire victim’s score will consist of the top ten points on each of his two targets.

Ammunition – 20 rounds of commercial or reloaded ammo with military style bullets (ball) to be provided by each competitor for his use only.

Spotting scopes – Spotting scopes will not be allowed for shooting or scoring.

Other equipment – The use of shooting jackets, shooting supports, gloves, and/or other performance enhancing equipment is not allowed. Standard military web/leather slings may be used.

Safety equipment – Hearing and eye protection is required for all persons on the line whenever shooting is taking place.

Scoring – Each relay will consist of two scores, one for each target. Maximum score possible for each target is 100 points. Broken score rings will count as the higher point. The standard .30 caliber rule will be enforced. Total number of X’s on each target will be used to decide placement in the event of tied scores.  Cost – Each shooter will pay a $4 fee for each relay shot.






                                                                             APPLESEED CLASSES        


 If you have been hearing any of the reports of a rift in the Illinois Appleseed  Program, we are happy to report that the difficulties have all been resolved, all the instructors are back with the program, and Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club’s two Appleseed event dates are still on the calendar.  Many thanks to CSC member Cliff Wilcox for his tireless efforts at the

forefront  of this resolution of differences and for keeping the Appleseed program coming back to CSC.  Our Appleseed

dates are Memorial Day weekend (Sat & Sun) and Labor Day weekend (Sat & Sun).  Watch the calendars.



Acronyms - What the heck do they mean!!???!!?!?

Wonder what all the acronyms used out on the range and in this newsletter mean? This area of the newsletter is dedicated to helping explain these. If I forget some or misidentify them, please let me know.


SASS        Single Action Shooting Society

USPSA       United States Practical Shooting Association – Club Number #IL-08

DCM         Department of Civilian Marksmanship (old designation)

CMP         Civilian Marksmanship Program (new designation) - Club Number #52084

NMO         New Member Orientation

NRA         National Rifle Association - Club Affiliation Number  #R0570

      ISRA        Illinois State Rifle Association – Club Affiliation Number  #00282

               WTPS                  Women’s Target Pistol Shooting

               MRM                   Military Rifle Match (new listing this month—see page 2)