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OUTDOOR:-- Grounds: The next work party is on July 9th at 8:00AM.  Please bring chainsaws, tree trimming equipment, weed whackers. Range 5 will be closed until after the work party is done.   For more info, contact Steve Schneckenburger @ (309) 692-

7807 or (309) 657-0170


NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION (NMO): You need to attend NMO to obtain your current year’s membership card & gate key.  Check the enclosed calendars for dates & times.  ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED OR NO INSTRUCTOR WILL BE AT THE CLUB FOR THE CLASS.  For reservation or to ask any questions - Contact Chuck Varnold at (309) 697-6766 or via e-mail at


ALL MEMBERS:  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the Club has your current home address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.  If you leave town, bulk mail is not forwarded.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS CURRENT—THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


For those with past volunteer experience working with "Kids" in Scouts, schools, coaching a sport, etc.

If you think you might be interested in helping "new" hunters or boaters of all ages get involved with our favorite sports, the Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club Safety Education Team would like to talk to you. Your participation on our State Certified team of volunteers would help new students safely and ethically become involved in hunting and boating, and also help insure that the privilege to participate in these sports remains available to future generations.

For further information about the requirements for becoming an instructor, please contact Lowell Bennett, 309-274-5586 or


If you have any questions or concerns about your Club you may contact any Club Officer listed below or any board member.


President       V-President     Secretary      Treasurer

Charles Varnold      Jerry Oglesby   Donald Clemens  Lowell Bennett

(309) 697-6766      (309) 274-5413   (309)274-6870   (309) 274-5586






CMP M1 Garand Raffle tickets are now on sale for $20 each.  Only 100 tickets will be sold.  This is a refurbished M1 Garand from the Civilian Markmanship Program (like the two raffled off last year) and these units are really nice—so get your tickets while they’re still available. Contact Chris Bach at (309) 256-1712 or at or Steve Schneckenburger at (309) 692-7807.




Mark your calendars for the Friends of the NRA Banquet on 13AUG2011.  To get tickets or for more information, contact Bob Bjerke at (309) 692-1800.  



Report from the May 14th Match

What a great weather day!  No self-respecting duck was present!

Big Game Hunter Challenge Results:

1st – Max Koehl  19 – 1X

2nd – Don Filkins  19 – 0X

3rd – Keith Koehler  17 – 0X

Best Dressed – Dave Hale  16 – 0X

June Match results will be posted in the August newsletter

Next Match is August 14th.  Mauser Matches are informal centerfire rifle matches shot on the NRA SR-1 target from standing at 50 meters using rifles with open sights or unimproved pre-'64 military bolt-action repeaters. If you have any questions, contact Max Koehl at 309 385-1033.


Acronyms - What the heck do they mean!!???!!?!?

Wonder what all the acronyms used out on the range and in this newsletter mean? This area of the newsletter is dedicated to helping explain these. If I forget some or misidentify them, please let me know.


SASS        Single Action Shooting Society

USPSA       United States Practical Shooting Association – Club Number #IL-08

DCM         Department of Civilian Marksmanship (old designation)

CMP         Civilian Marksmanship Program (new designation) - Club Number #52084

NMO         New Member Orientation

NRA         National Rifle Association - Club Affiliation Number  #R0570

      ISRA        Illinois State Rifle Association – Club Affiliation Number  #00282

               WTPS                  Women’s Target Pistol Shooting (new group at CSC)

      ATA         Amateur Trapshooting Association

Contact Tim Vik via e-mail at if you would like to receive the CSC Newsletter and calendar of events via e-mail at no cost to you.