Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club  News October 2012


Club Contacts:

If you have any questions or concerns about your Club you may contact any Club Officer listed below or any board member.


President        V-President     Secretary      Treasurer

Kevin Hutchison    Cally Morgan  Donald Clemens Lowell Bennett

(309)657-1518      (309)691-3427 (309)274-6870 (309) 274-5586


Fall Gun Show

September 29-30

8:30 – 4:00PM Saturday

8:30 -3:00PM Sunday

Set –Up 9:30 Friday Sept. 28

Tear Down 2:30 Sunday Sept. 30

For Information Call:  Steve Risinger  309-449-6268


                                         Gordon Young  309-397-4711


Membership Renewal

It’s time to start thinking about renewing your club membership for 2013. Club dues for annual members will be $100. The $10 land fee applies to all members as does the current work hour structure of 10 hours. Unserved work hours are $10 per hour. For example: an associate life member with no work hours, the fee would be $110. Please return your 2012 card after November 1st with payment to:

Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club

P.O. Box 13

Chillicothe, IL 61523



Our small dues increase for 2013 is to bring our structure in line with other shooting clubs in Illinois, and to fund some much needed improvements to our ranges.

President’s Corner:

The upcoming U.S. Presidential election may well be the most significant event of our time, having the potential to seriously, permanently and adversely alter the political and sociological fabric of the United States itself. Don't allow apathy to steal your ability to be heard.  Don't allow your friends to be bad Americans by not voting.  The United States is one of the few countries on the face of the earth whose people have the privilege of freely voting for their leaders.  Even though political extremists have been trying their best for years to bring America into  line with the rest of the world, which is either socialist, communist or autocratic, our rights and freedoms are still envied and longed for by the rest of the world. Don't allow the spirits of our Founding Fathers and military members who struggled, fought and died to earn that which we enjoy to be forever banished and lost to the yellowing pages of some unread history book.  

1911 Pistol Match, Saturday 6 October

We are having another 1911 tactical marksmanship match on Saturday 6 October from 8:00am until 3:00pm on Range 1.  The match will be held rain or shine, so bring rain gear just in case.  The course of fire is simple and somewhat challenging, but not overly so. You do not have to be a highly experienced competitor to take part. All you need to join the fun is a single-action 1911 style pistol in a centerfire caliber, hearing and eye protection, a couple of magazines, a belt holster, and 50 rounds of ammunition (bring more ammo if you want to shoot the course more than once). The entry fee is only $3. Each re-shoot is equally cheap, $3.  To receive an informational bulletin on the match, contact Kevin Hutchison at



Raffle Activities: 

The Remington model 1100 Classic Trap shotgun was won by Lora Murphy of Washington, IL at the annual trap league banquet  on August 28. Lora shoots on the women’s trap team.


The club is still offering the chance to win an M1 Garand rifle. 100 tickets will be sold at 20 dollars each. The drawing will take place when all of the chances are sold. Interested:

Contact: Chris Bach 309-256-1712

                 Steve Schneckenburger 309-692-7807

Tickets will also be available at the gun show Sept. 29-30

Work Hour Opportunities/Work Parties:

Contact Steve Schneckenburger 309-692-7807 or Bob Bejerke 309-692-1800


Dale Schroder Memorial ATA Shoot – September 8

A beautiful day with 70 trap shooters and 15,900 rounds of ammunition expended. The winners were:

16 yard:

Class A: Larry Stine 99

Class B: Denise Stultz 98

Class C: Dave Richards 94

Class D: Don Willis 94

Woman: Kathy Turpin 93

Jr.:         Hannah Martin 89

Vet:        Don St Clair 95

Sr. Vet.: Jerry Hasler 96



Steve Carver 95



Class A: Dave Dressler 91

Class B: Larry Murphy 92

Class C: Garry Franklin 85

Class D: Clifford Glardon 84



Sunday, November 4 8:30AM-5:00PM Cost $75


·                    Learn how to safely operate your handgun.

·                    Learn what additional equipment you should have &how to carry it.

·                    Get an overview on Illinois law and steps you should take NOW!

·                    Will cover: mindset, situational awareness, use of cover, barricades, movement, and more.

·                    Pre-registration is highly recommended.  A certificate of completion and CCW application for Florida will be issued on site  for information on what to bring and to register



Or Steve Schnurbusch 573-768-2450


Introduction To Bullseye Pistol Class
class teaches pistol safety, and proper technic's of shooting and improving your pistol skills.
Open to anyone new or old who wants to learn to shoot pistols. You will get to shoot 450rds of ammo at targets
and Instructors will work with you to improve yours scores. We will supply everything you need for the class for $50.00
 Class starts Wednesday  October  10th at 6pm and runs for 5 consecutive weeks on Wednesday nights.
Limited to 12 people contact Jeff Payne 309-264-2276 or Scott Kirchner 309-256-3881 for more details and to sign up.


Planning Committee Update:

Calendar Abbreviations:

SASS             Single Action Shooting Society

USPSA          United States Practical Shooting Association – Club Number #IL-08

DCM               Department of Civilian Marksmanship (old designation)

CMP               Civilian Marksmanship Program (new) – Club Number #52084

NMO               New Member Orientation

NRA               National Rifle Association - Club Affiliation Number  #R0570

ISRA               Illinois State Rifle Association – Club Affiliation Number  #00282

WTPS            Women’s Target Pistol Shooting (new group at CSC)

ATA                Amateur Trapshooting Association

WITO              Women In The Outdoors

WOT               Women On Target


And Finally:

          Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\My Documents\My Pictures\sportsmen's club\P9080395.JPG

Our Hunter Education Team: Tim, Bob, Lowell

A Great Class In September

Two Of Our Lady Shooters

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\My Documents\My Pictures\sportsmen's club\P9090408.JPG      Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\My Documents\My Pictures\sportsmen's club\P9080406.JPG             

Lacey Corsette                        Kathy Turpin

Cowboy/Cowgirl                      Trap/ATA




The following are the range numbers:

    RANGE        LOCATION   

1  --      100 yard range

2  --      Trap range

3  --      Short lakeside range (just north of Cowboy Town)

4  --      Cowboy Town

5  --      Practice Range

6  --      3-bays

7  --      300 yard range

8  --      Archery Range




Personal Protection In the Home info

October and November Work Party Info