Chillicothe Sportsmen's Club



Located 1.5 Miles North of Chillicothe IL.
Take Route 29 North Turn
Right on Yankee Lane At The Sign.


8:00 AM Set-UP
8:30 AM Registration and Shooters meeting
9:00 AM Shooting starts (unless otherwise noted)
No Sign ups after 11 AM

$15 Main Match
$5 Reshoot

Illinois Sectional Information / Registration


Shooting Dates


Feb 26(USPSA) 9am
Mar 11 (.22 RF only) 1pm indoors
Mar 26(USPSA) 9am
Apr 15 (.22 RF only) 1pm
Apr 23(USPSA) 9am
May 20 (.22 RF only) 1pm
May 28(USPSA) 9am

Jun 17 (.22 RF only) 1pm

Jun 25(USPSA) 9am

Jul 15 (.22 RF only) 1pm

Jul 23 (USPSA) 9am

Aug 19 (.22 RF only) 1pm

Aug 27(USPSA) 9am

Sep 16 (.22 RF only) 1pm

Sep 24(USPSA) 9am

Oct 21 (.22 RF only) 1pm

Oct 29 (USPSA) 9am

Nov 11 (.22 RF only) 1pm indoors

Nov 26 (USPSA) 9am

Dec 9 (.22 RF only) 1pm indoors

Dec 24 (USPSA) 9am PENDING


If you have any questions please contact me.

Ethan Mooberry

Direct inquiries to

Ethan Mooberry 309-370-2711


Chuck Hoelscher 309-253-5141 (.22 RF)

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