Chillicothe Sportsmen's Club
Target Pistol Practice


Thursday pistol practice is open to anyone who wishes to shoot indoors beginning October 1st and ending April 30th. This activity is also open to non-club members as a service to the community. Any pistol is allowed although we do discourage magnum loads. Individuals who wish to do so may also shoot their .22 cal. rifle. We furnish standard targets and allow individuals to bring their own paper only targets if they wish.

Activity cost: $5 for members and $6 for non members

Hours: 12:30 P.M and ends usually by 3:30 P.M. 
Will stay open until 4:00 P.M. if there are shooters still wanting to stay past 3:00 P.M.

As a certified N.R.A. Pistol Instructor I do offer training to novices who wish it at no additional charge as an additional service to the community. As the Range Officer responsible for the safety of all participants, standard safety procedures including required eye and ear protection are followed insuring an enjoyable time for all who participate.

I encourage anyone who wishes further information to contact me directly especially when winter weather threatens to force occasional cancellations.


Additional info is available from: Gene Perna @ 815 437-2286.