Indoor Bullseye Pistol

Bullseye Pistol Practice

The indoor range will be open October to April on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7:00PM.

The outdoor range will be open May to September on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 6:00 PM.

Check the CSC newsletter or calendar for any changes in dates and times.

An NRA Pistol Match will be fired; the match consists of a 20 shot slow fire course, a 30 shot national gallery course, a 20 shot timed fire course and a 20 shot rapid fire course.

Targets are supplied for a small fee. Bring your own ammunition and pistols, only .22 pistols and non-mag pistols are allowed.   

Please join us for excellent marksmanship training and practice. NRA Marksmanship instructors are available to teach you the fundamentals of Bullseye pistol marksmanship.

Bullseye pistol practice is open to members and non-members. New shooters are always welcome. No registration needed.

For more information, contact: Jeff Payne at (309)264-2276 or Scott Kirchner at (309) 256-3881.