Mauser Match



The Mauser Match was designed and implemented in 1992.  The purpose was to give our sportsmen the opportunity to complete with high power military rifles at a relatively low cost.  Mauser rifles as well as many other military bolt action rifles were available at reasonable prices.  Military surplus ammunition was also widely available.



The tradition continues.  We compete once per month in a friendly, low key event that attracts many collectors and sport rifle shooters.  Please go to the calendar for the dates for these matches.  We share the interest in the shooting sports, rifle history, food, and fellowship following our matches.



The following is a summary of the Mauser Match Rules:  As you can see, they are simple and meant to be fun for our participants.

(The Rules)


         Open Sights

         Center Fire

         20 Shots Fired Off Hand – Re-Entry

         $3.50 Per Entry, $12.00 For Four

         Eye And Ear Protection Required

         Hood On Front Sight Optional

         Service Grade M1 Garands And Carbines Qualify









Some commonly used rifles:

n Mausers of all types – world wide

n Russian Mosin Nagants of all types

n 1903 Springfields – all types

n British Enfields – all types

n SKS rifles of all types (Russian, Chinese, etc.)

n Japanese type 38 and 99

n AK-47 and all of their clones

n Etc., etc., etc., -- we are not too particular – some have even used Winchester Lever Guns if they meet the rules

n Service Grade M1 Garands And Carbines


 Karabiner 98k.jpg                      Mauser


SMLE Mk III.jpg                        Enfield


Mosin-Nagant carbine model of 1938.                 Mosin Nagant



Schmidt Rubin K31.jpg                        K-31 Swiss


SKS Flickr.jpg                         SKS Carbine


             1903 Springfield





               M1 Garand



                  M1 Carbine




Some Examples Of The Rounds Fired During The Mauser Match





Challenge Matches:

Every month our participants are invited to “Lay down the gauntlet” for a special challenge match.  These have been for everything from German, Russian, Japanese,, unique rifle types, special ammunition, or some special theme matches.  Come and join the fun.

Some recent examples:

Unique Rifle Match

Vietnam Match

Gas Operated Rifle Match

Mosin Rifle Match

WWII Rifle Match

Enfield Rifle Match


Rifleman Of The Year:

We also conduct a “Rifleman Of The Year” competition. A shooter’s total handicap score for every month is added to determine the winner. So the key is performance and participation. Our current champion is Marty Lehman (Four years in a row).





Here are some photos:













We  shoot all year round, so be prepared for all kinds of weather.


For the schedule and times of the Mauser Matches, please see the calendar section of the Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club monthly newsletter  We would like to have you participate.


For more information contact:


Justin Howeler