CSC Planning Team – Charter Description


To be the premiere private outdoor shooting club in Central Illinois.


Promote and conduct shooting events in all disciplines.

Continue to improve the facilities and grounds to better serve the needs of our members and guests.

Provide a safe environment to conduct all shooting activities.

Develop new programs to meet the needs of our members (AKA customers).

Continue to develop an atmosphere that is pleasing for members and their guests.

CSC Project List In Support Of Our Mission

(Not In Priority Order)

1. Update Club Signage

Some of the signs on our club grounds are worn from years of weather exposure. In addition some don’t reflect the latest club rules and procedures as the new range numbering system. This will assist our members in complying with operations.

2. Add Additional 100 Yard Range (behind existing pistol bays)

An additional range will allow us to accommodate additional open shooting as well as giving us flexibility to relocate existing events. This will lend to more efficient operations and allow for additional events to be determined.

3. P.A. System On Trap Range

This will permit more efficient operation of large events such as ATA shoots and provide additional safety by aiding the range officers and officials.

4. Finish Lake End Fill

This will finish general improvements to the lake improving access by or members and enhance the appearance of our club grounds. It may also make it possible to improve capacity of our trap operations.

5. Add 5th Trap House

This will add to our ability to accommodate large events and add “peak shaving” for current events. It would also allow for more flexibility for open shooting.

6. Roof On Trap Shed

The roof on the trap shed is in need of repair and refurbishment to protect our important assets

7. Replace Pole Next To Lake

Electric power that operates our lake management equipment assuring a good supply of fish for our fishing members.

8. Parking Lot Expansion West Of Clubhouse

This in addition to number 9 and number 10 improvements will allow us to better accommodate large events such as the gun shows, ATA shoots, and USPSA matches. It will also make the grounds more organized and attractive for our membership. It will also allow for future new large events conducted without parking limitations.

9.   Redo Parking Lot Below Club House with gradual slope transition to range 2 parking.

10. Range 2 Parking Lot Redo

11. Add 50 Meter Range (150 Ft. Wide) Behind New Pistol Bays

This range allow added open shooting and event capacity allow us to grow our membership consistent with our vision statement.

12. “Hot Spots” For Range Internet For Match Directors

This will bring us to the newest level of technology in event operation by allowing our event directors to utilize web based event management.

13. Storage Containers for Range House

This will allow cleanup and consolidation of range and trap storage.


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